“I found this book to be an easy read because Bill and I agree with one another… Bill is definitely a native guide, so you can trust his lead. Follow his umbrella as he takes you through this complex but manageable maze.”

— Bernie Siegel, M.D.
Author, A Book of Miracles


“I am so grateful to Bill for writing this book. I encourage – enthusiastically – folks passing through Cancerville to take along this travel atlas!”

— George P. Kansas
Survivor and Author, iCanSir



An Ode for Cancer Caregivers

-William Penzer, Ph.D.

10 Tools for Coping with Stress When You or a Loved One has Cancer

-William Penzer, Ph.D.

The Ten Commandments of Coping with Cancer for Survivors and Caregivers

-William Penzer, Ph.D.

Steps toward Rebuilding a Positive Sense of Self after Cancer

– William Penzer, Ph.D.

So Now After All These Years I’m a New York Ranger Fan

– William Penzer, Ph.D.

Putting the Piggy Bank in Perspective

– William Penzer, Ph.D.

Four Keys to Caregiving in Cancerville

– William Penzer, Ph.D.

Coping with the Messy Medical Maze In Cancerville

– William Penzer, Ph.D.

New Cancer Self-Help Book Aims to Support Family, Friends Through Difficult Times (Page 12)
– Plantation Times, April 2012

Five Things To Put in Your Backpack When Going for Treatment in Cancerville
– William Penzer, Ph.D.

My Personal Pledge

I pledge allegiance to myself and the united state of my being,
And to the resilience with which I stand,
One person, under strain,
With consideration and compassion for me.

June, 1977

Realistic Optimism in Cancerville, Helping a Loved One Cope with a Cancer Diagnosis
-William Penzer, Ph.D., www.copingmag.com

Stranger in the Basement

By, Lisa Welch-Walker

There is a stranger in my basement,
My husband put him there.
He ran from reality,
Because he didn’t seem to care.
But, he can’t run from cancer,
Its all around you and me.
Eating away at lives,
Never seeming to be.
When you stop and realize,
It’s not just you and me.
That you really were loved,
And it was all meant to be.
There is no stranger in my basement any more,
As it just wasn’t meant to be.
But I am!