“I found this book to be an easy read because Bill and I agree with one another… Bill is definitely a native guide, so you can trust his lead. Follow his umbrella as he takes you through this complex but manageable maze.”

— Bernie Siegel, M.D.
Author, A Book of Miracles


“I am so grateful to Bill for writing this book. I encourage – enthusiastically – folks passing through Cancerville to take along this travel atlas!”

— George P. Kansas
Survivor and Author, iCanSir


Modern Day Fairy Tale

I believe that this video of our trip to Africa and Jodi and Zev’s wedding there, will be even more meaningful when you have read, “How to Cope Better When Someone You Love Has Cancer”, or “How to Cope Better When You Have Cancer.” However, you are welcome to view it now and then again, after you have understood the context and meaningfulness of our trip.

It is a short film produced by Zev and edited by his video & photography company, Milk and Honey Productions (www.milkandhoneyproductions.com), that is enjoyed by all who have seen it.